Saturday, March 08, 2008


This is another piece I made recently, assemblage this time. The base of this is a vintage wooden table mat. I've used these before and they're really sturdy and can take alot of abuse! ;o) Added to the base is the lid of a vintage tin, attached with copper nails, topped with a cake mould of some sort, a vintage bottle of rusty pins and copper wire. Hey presto!

Friday, March 07, 2008


Wow, it's so long since I posted to my blog! Fortunately my pc is back from hospital safe and sound and is behaving impeccably now. :o)

I made this pendant about the time my pc died so haven't been able to download the photos from my camera until now. I really enjoy making jewellery pieces and want to explore it alot more. The base of this piece is a squashed jam jar lid I picked up somewhere! It amuses me no end to take discarded objects and give them a new lease of life. ;o) So, we have the jam jar lid base and then a flattened petit four tin, a broken earring and some coloured wire. I've experimented with backing the piece with leather but I'm not entirely happy with it although it is comfortable to wear. Since I made this I've learnt how to pop rivet which is great fun and I can tell I'm going to use the technique loads! Anyway, not a brilliant picture but here's the pendant: