Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Chunky Book Page

My friend, Laura, is hosting a chunky book on the theme "Words to Live By" and this is my page for it. The deadline is Thursday and I was sure I was going to miss it as my original idea for the page didn't work out and I was feeling stumped for another but then it popped into my head last night! ;o) I'd already got the backgrounds done so I set to this evening and got the rest of them (23 altogether) done and dusted.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

AB Spreads

These are two spreads I've done in a mini AB on the theme "simplify".
Both backgrounds are done with my home made alcohol ink sprays which I'm using to death at the moment!!

Log Box Project

This may be seriously boring but I'm dead chuffed with myself so I'm blogging about it anyway! LOL I have a log box that my paternal grandfather made. It's rather battered but is quite precious to me. When I inherited it I decided I would recover the lid of the box and accordingly took the old covering off. Well, I can't even think how many years ago I did that! Grandad died the year we were married and we've just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary!! Anyway, this morning I started and finished the project! Yay! So, here we go with some pics!
This is the log box before I started on it.

Bit of a funny pic as I was working on the dining table in front of the window. This shows my wadding for the box lid which I made from several rectangles of an old blanket which I then tacked together. I stapled the base layer to the box lid so it wouldn't shift about while I was putting the fabric over it. Then I stapled the fabric on. The corners were a bit fiddly but I got there in the end (must be the Arian stubbornness in me!) and then I covered my staples with braid and hammered the gold studs through it.

And, hey presto, here's the finished article! It's by no means a professional looking refit but I am over the moon with it! ;o) What's pleased me even more is that it barely cost me anything at all. The fabric is a remnant I picked up for 50p ages ago, the blanket was given to me (to use at the V Festival last week and then to be thrown away) and the trimming and the gold studs came from the scrap store. Nice new log box and one happy bunny! :oD

Thursday, August 24, 2006


This is my work in my friend, Becky's, very inventive first deco. The "pages" are 12" long pieces of MDF and the theme is Tall Stories. I've used rainbowy foil on my little fishie but the scan doesn't show it very well, it's very sparkly in real life! DH was roped in to fashion the wee hook as he couldn't reach his fishing tackle at the back of the shed for a real one!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Today's drawing

So, since I said it last night I'm having a stab at drawing everyday and this is today's offering. Can you tell what it is??

Monday, August 21, 2006

Two sketches

Whilst I was away at the V Festival this weekend I managed a couple of creative moments and these are the results. First is a watercoloured pen drawing of the view from our tent. I think I managed the tents alright but the perspective is all wrong and the fat necked, flat faced woman and stiff legged chap are a bit unfortunate, although in my defence they wouldn't keep still! LOL Next up is a pen drawing of my walking boot. I had my foot propped up on my other knee to draw it and I used a fine liner pen that I'd been writing with (i.e. I couldn't be bothered to get up and find my black pen!!). Again the perspective is cockeyed, I thought it was the toe that was wrong but DH thought the heel. Maybe it's both! I quite like the laces part though. I'm thinking that I'd like to start (again!) trying to draw something everyday, does perspective come with practice??

Sunday, August 13, 2006

T shirt

Thought I'd share a couple pics of the t shirt I did while I was away a couple of weeks ago. It's done with Brusho and stamped with some black Tri-Chem paint (who remembers that??). It was a nice day so we were in the garden under a gazebo making stamps and background papers and generally having an arty good time. ;-) Flinging paint about always makes me super happy and I had purple toes for days afterwards! LOL

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Everyday Book Spread

This is my latest spread in the Everyday Book RR running on my Yahoo group. The theme and colourway this time was memories/cream & brown. I'm not sure my piece hits the spot on either of those but I was pretty emotionally charged when I was creating it and it kind of took on a life of it's own and practically made itself.