Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Look what I made this evening! I was tidying my work room and sat down to flick through a Alisa Golden book about bookmaking that Kari has loaned me and came upon a tab and slot book that is made without glue or stitching so I thought I'd have a go. I used envelopes that I'd been saving to sew into a book and got so carried away that I made a cover as well! Pics aren't superb as my digital camera doesn't zoom in well. ;-( I've included a scan of the front cover which is a bit clearer. It was good fun and easy to make even with my dodgy accuracy skills and, even though I probably should have been catching up of some of the commitments I'm stuck on, I'm glad I took the time to have a go.


These are two new decos I've made to send out via ArtDecos. I'm a bit dubious about the green one but I like the altered photo one. The green one is made of beer mats painted with acrylic (I have a box of paints I'm trying to use up too, are you surprised??). The photo one is made of a teeny tiny selection of the shed load of rubbishy photos I have to get through! This first one is my DD altering her first book! LOL


These are two postcards for a swap on ArtDecos. I'm determined to use some of the mountain of "scraps" I have so these are both made from my scrap tray. They're not at all what I had planned and I have no idea whether the recipients (two artists who I admire! Eeeek!) will like them or not! C'est la vie, they're done now and going out into the world!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Journal Page

This is my self portrait page in my art journal from a prompt on Inside Out Europe. I couldn't get to grips to it until I realised that it didn't have to encompass all of me so I chose to illustrate the performance part of me. The background words are all lines I've said/sung on stage and the pic is my legs in their All that Jazz get up!


Made this ATC this evening after finding the background paper whilst tidying up my desk. I often mop up paintyness with blotting paper and this paper is one of my "mops"!

Friday, May 26, 2006


I had a play with my pearly watercolours this morning and slapped them onto a piece of roller blind fabric - the scrapstore alwasy has loads. I liked the effect so made it into an ATC this evening. I'm not over enamoured with it as a whole but I love the background and my wee flower!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Journal Cover

The art journal RR that we're just starting at our book group has a duel theme - days in our lives and a colour. I've chosen green narurally!! This is my cover. The paper is a sheet of rather glorious goldy textured wrapping paper from Paperchase, bit like wallpaper. I added green Lumiere, gesso and Staz On in a slap dash manner as is my way! The words on the tags say "days of green". The photo is from a groovy album of 60s photos that I picked up in the junk shop. I sanded it a bit and added some paint and Staz On. Job done. ;-)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I hadn't realised how long it is since I posted anything! I'd been well and truly stuck but my visit to Dundee this week seems to have unbunged me! LOL Yesterday I worked on a canvas in the RR I'm in that's based on a mixed media RR featured in the current issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. I found it surprisingly easy to slap paint over the first players work! Not sure if that's good or not! The canvas was too big for the scanner and I forgot to take a pic before I posted it so nothing to show there! This morning I did a spread in my friend, Skippy's, In the Dark themed AB. Gave it back to her this evening but, again, didn't scan it first! I've made two decos today as well which need a bit more work before going on their way tomorrow or Friday. This evening was book group, we're working on a new art journal RR. :-) I did my cover and some backgrounds. Haven't scanned the cover as I might add something else yet. We had an ATC swap at book group on the theme of undomestic goddess, a very apt theme for some of us, ahem! Anyway, I made five of these simple ATCs this evening. :-) I used lemon juice on a school shirt that is too small for DD and zapped it with my heat gun to try and make it look like I'd burnt it ironing! I tried actually burning it with an iron but I'd still be there now if I'd gone down that route! I toyed with stopping after the word iron but ploughed on regardless!! :-D

Friday, May 12, 2006

AB Spread

This is a spread I did a while ago in Skippy's In the Dark themed AB. I brought it home from book group this week to do another spread in and realised I'd not put up the pic Skippy had done for me but now can't find it so have scanned it again! I really like this spread. :-) The blob in the top right hand corner is a lightbulb!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

AB Spread

Yay, I think my struggle to do anything is over! This is my spread in an angels themed book in the ATC book RR I'm in. I'm not a wiffy waffy angel kind of girl so went for this Michelangelo quote! Second pic is the ATC in the pocket on the left hand page.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Everyday Book Spread

This morning I finished my dreams/blue piece for the Everyday Book RR I'm participating in. I've been struggling to do any of the stuff that I'm committed to at the moment so I'm really pleased to have done this, hopefully I'll be able to get going on some of my other commitments now too!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Mini Altered Book

Haven't posted much lately because I've been working on this little fella! I've hosted an altered mini board book swap on my Yahoo group and this is my effort. My theme for Evie was vintage grunge/pointy hats/wings and I hope I've managed to achieve what she wants! I made a leather book wrap for it as well just to finish it off.