Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Man and the Environment Exhibition

The Man and the Environment exhibition, for which I had two pieces of work selected, opened at The Forum in Norwich last Tuesday.  On Monday evening there was a private preview event which I attended with my friend, Kath.  Kath was responsible for initially forwarding me the email with details of the exhibition without which I wouldn't have submitted my work so she had to be my "plus one", of course.  ;o)  The excitement started before we even reached the exhibition though!  On our way in to the underground car park at The Forum we were greeted with a big display board over the entrance featuring, among others, my piece, Tragedy! 

Tragedy had already been featured on The Forum website and the flyers for the exhibition but seeing this large scale piece of promotion was fantastic!  And it get's better!  After we got out of the car, I was absolutely thrilled to see a huge wall poster for the exhibition featuring just my piece!  Excitement overload!  ;oD

The exhibition organisers have told me I am welcome to have the poster after the exhibition is over which will be a great keepsake even if I haven't got enough wall space anywhere to put it up!  ;o)  Upstairs in the exhibition itself my other piece of selected work, Every Possible Mistake, features on on of the display boards and Tragedy is on several digital screen displays!

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one artist to take, the day after the preview I discovered my Tragedy piece is featured in a news article on the BBC website!  ;o)

The exhibition itself is full of fabulous contemporary artwork.  I feel honoured to be included in such a great collection of work.  It is all excellently presented in the space and well worth a visit although I am slightly biased!

All the images (apart from the two smaller ones) were taken by Rob Morris.  Thanks, Rob!  ;o) 

This has been such a good experience and a great start to 2010 for me.  ;o)