Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Life Drawing

I've always wanted to be able to draw people but have always been pants at it when I've tried, give me an inanimate object and I'm well away, but a person? Eeeek, run off and hide! LOL However last week I went along to a life drawing class at the studio of my artist friend, Richard Savage. I decided to use charcoal as I'm much more comfortable with it than pencil and didn't fancy using pen as I wanted to work BIG! So, here are my first three drawings:

This was my first drawing and my favourite of the week! The hands and feet aren't brilliant and I couldn't tackle the face but otherwise I was thrilled with my first effort!

I usually have problems with foreshortening so I was pleased with this apart from the shot putter shoulders I seem to have given her!

Didn't get the leg shape right here and her neck seems to have disappeared!
Encouraged by this first session I went again on Monday and this week we had a nude model which I found rather more difficult but am still pleased with the results:

My first effort at a nude....the hands and feet aren't right and I much preferred it before I added the head and hair but even so I was pleased with the result.

Found this pose really challenging! The hands aren't right again, I didn't capture her position very well and then topped it with an ET head! LOL

This is my favourite of the evening! The model was talking about how your hand is the same size as your face and how alot of artists draw hands and feet too small. Once I made the foot bigger it did look better.

What do you think of them?

Overall I'm loving this new venture and plan to keep at it! ;o) I'm very pleasantly surprised at the drawings I've made so far and really wish the sessions were longer as by the time we reach the end of the two hours I'm getting in the groove and ready to motor on! I think I need to focus on hands, feet and faces at some point but for the moment I'm happy just trying to capture the human body in all it's beautiful glory. ;o)