Thursday, April 23, 2009

Studio or Dumping Ground?

Look at the state of my studio......

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Self Portrait

At last, here's some pics of the self portrait I've submitted for The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition.

I have got some photos of the portrait on it's own but, well, these are my favourites! LOL

I have to admit it didn't really pan out how I expected it to, I obviously have more skill in the paint mixing department than I imagine because despite my best efforts I managed to not only match the joins pretty well but also the paint colours! I painted each canvas individually and mixed paint as I went but even so it all matches pretty well! Hey ho! I used just three colours of acrylic - turquoise, magenta and violet along with white. I'm pleased with the outcome even though it isn't at all what I had planned! The whole process was completed during some difficult times healthwise and the portrait is a very personal triumph even if it doesn't make it anywhere near a Royal Academy wall. ;o)

These shots were taken during a shoot for a local charity calendar I'm involved with. My artist friend, Richard Savage, has organised the calendar which will benefit a local charity, the Chatteris Christmas Lights. It will be launched in the summer. The theme for the calendar photos is for the participants to use a prop that pertains to their occupation to cover the essentials! I was photographed with various pieces of my work but my pic will definitely feature my self portrait which I'm pleased about. The images themselves will be black and white with just the prop in colour. Looking forward to seeing the finished calendars! ;o)