Monday, June 18, 2007

Cemetery Pics

In view of the lack of creating I've done this last week I thought I'd share some of the many cemetery photos I took in the cemetery in St Jean de Braye on my recent French trip. Even though it was pouring with rain I dragged my two long suffering friends round to gather inspiration for the cemetery theme I'm working on for Creative Journey.

This little glass cross was just lovely. the colours really pinged out on the dismal rainy day although this photo really doesn't do them justice.

I loved the yellow lichen on this stone cross.

These wrought iron crosses were really popular in the cemetery. It was difficult to get decent photos of them because of the backgrounds but I tried!

Another lichen photo! There lots of these ceramic ornaments on the graves, mostly floral, and although they're generally not my cup of tea I did love the way the green lichen was creeping over this one.

This reminded me of a wood block print!

These ornaments were really popular. I don't know what they're made of but I'm guessing it must be some sort of resin. Again, I didn't particularly like them but I love the idea of exploring my cemetery theme using resin. It's not a medium I've dabbled in before but I'm looking forward to investigating and getting down to some experimentation!


Linda D. said...

Maz, there are some wonderful images here, and an interesting cemetery. Like you, I'm not keen on the ornaments, but can see the appeal, especially with them being slowly covered in lichen.

Good luck with trying resin, I'll be interested to see your results.

hugs, Linda.

Skippy said...

Love the little blue corss and the resin thingy. Looks like you had a fab time!
Skippy xx

artfulzebra said...

Thanks guys. ;o) There's nothing like a bit of cemetery skulking to make Maz a happy girl! LOL

Maz x

Alis said...

Fabulous photos Maz. The glass cross is lovely isn't it.