Thursday, July 05, 2007

Metal Goodies

I thought I would share a pic of some of the goodies I've salvaged from FIL's sheds for arty purposes! This is a fraction of what we've brought home - FIL was an inveterate collector/salvager/recycler and his sheds have been a treasure trove for me. I'm not sure quite what he'd make of it all though, bless him!

The patch of dark on the left is a mass of Blakies - who remembers those? - all different shapes and sizes, they're going to be great to use. FIL had oiled them all to prevent them rusting so they had to have a good soapy wash! I adore copper and there's lots of it in different forms - sheet, nails, locks, wire of varying thicknesses, allsorts! The keys have the most beautiful verdigris on them. :o) I also have a collection of tins, different sizes and in varying degrees of condition which I can't wait to use. Any artwork I make with these items will, for me, be a fitting tribute to my FIL's tenacity.


Jill said...

What a great stash, I look forward to seeing what you produce :o).
What's a blakie?

artfulzebra said...

Jill, Blakey's are those metal things you used to put in the heels of your shoes to stop them wearing. When I was at school all the boys used to try and cram as many as possible on their shoes and skid along the corridors! I've already used some on a piece I'm working on and they're groovy!

Maz x

Elizabeth said...

Did we not call them segs? What a wonderful stash and how nice to be able to think about your FIL while you create.

artfulzebra said...

Funnily enough some of them have got Seggs on them, obviously another firm that made them. I'd never heard of them but I have now!

Maz x