Sunday, July 13, 2008


I'm having a jewellery exhibition at my local library at the end of September and I am currently keeping my focus (well, trying to! LOL) on making pieces for it. I estimate that the display space is big enough for a maximum of 50 pieces depending on sizes and how I decide to display them so I'm planning on making 50 so I have plenty of choice for the exhibition. I will also be making a portfolio of all the jewellery, in the form of an altered book, to display alongside the actual pieces I use. These are the latest two pieces I have made:

The base of the pendant is a tag board of resistors. I've added words from Longfellow poetry to the resistors and attached beads at the base.

The brooch base is cut from a beautiful vintage tin. Once again I added Longfellow words and beads.


Elizabeth said...

Do you want to borrow my pendant back for the exhibition?

Lara Lorelei said...

Maz, if you want my doll too, please say so, as long as you promise not to sell her by mistake.

These pieces are lovely, so thoughtful

Claire x