Friday, February 06, 2009

Inside and Out

So, this is what it's been doing most of this week! Not a sight we see that often in this neck of the woods! I'd like to say I've been warm and cosy in my studio but it's not much warmer in there than it has been outside! However I have been working on various things, at least until I lost all feeling in my fingers and toes when I'd retreat to the open fire to thaw out! LOL

This was the state of my desk after I'd finished getting ready for the exhibition last week! And the floor around it was pretty much the same so first task of the week was to reclaim some workspace. That job done, I've been working on a canvas, building layers with textured mediums, acrylic paint & glazes and ink. I'm undecided whether it will remain a painting or whether it will be a background that I attach an assemblage piece to. I have a few pics in the camera so will post some tomorrow.
Rob and I have talked about doing some collaborative work together involving his photographic images and I would create assemblage/collage frames. I've begun a frame to compliment this image of Rob's:

It's from a FenVAC art day visit to a spartan little church in a village near here. It just invokes tranquility to me and that's what I'm trying to convey with the frame as a compliment to the image. At the moment I have collaged Latin Bible pages to the frame as my base and I plan to add some stencilling in black before adding an assemblage piece, possibly incorporating a glass test tube. I'm trying to keep the frame monotone but I feel some accents of red may creep in!

Inspired by this post on Something Sublime, Deryn Mentock's blog, I've also started a jewellery art journal this week. I keep an ideas book but it's scrappy and all over the place so I'm going to use my new journal to record my many and varied jewellery ideas. ;o) I'm currently trying to work out some pieces that will appeal to men and finding it very difficult!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading the post and seeing the state of your work area, I remember you saying it was bad before the exhibition but didnt realise it was THAT bad lol

notmassproduced said...

ahh that makes me feel better!

Anonymous said...

hehehe, what a wonderful mess - all in a good, good cause eh. Am intrigued to see the painting/montage you are currently engaged in, so too the finished frame for that fabulous picture. Gosh you are a busy woman!

Anonymous said...

ooh I have come up as spiritedart - how's me Jill *waving*