Saturday, July 25, 2009


My latest joint exhibition with the talented Rob has gone up today ready to welcome visitors from Monday. As ever, I'm relieved to have got to this point and to see it all in situ and ready to go! ;o) I've really enjoyed working on this theme. We originally planned the theme as travel but it transpired that neither of us were too enthused about that so we shifted the focus to journeys, a theme open to much wider interpretation. Rob has produced some fabulous work using not just photographic images but also some of his beautiful prose, there's a couple of pics here. For my part in the exhibition I decided to explore my ongoing artistic journey through my assemblage pieces. When I was in the ideas stage I thought aboutdoing something akin to the Stations of the Cross, shrines representing the different aspects of my journey. That idea evolved and has resulted in 16 assemblage pieces all reflecting different feelings that I experience as an artist. I had a long list of possibles and the 16 I worked with are hope, passion, frustration, procrastination, criticism, creation, doubt, belief, confusion, fun, determination, loneliness, revelation, evolution, growth and loss. All the pieces are quite raw and simple, some are quirky (although nearly all my work is quirky I think! LOL) and fun but with all of them I've tried to express my emotion as it presented itself in me. I'm not sure that makes much sense! ;o) To whet your appetite, here's Passion and Revelation:

"Passion" ~ glass & metal religious stoop, vintage poetry text (Longfellow), vintage copper sheet

"Revelation" ~ vintage camera, vintage text (not visible), metal coil, plaster moulding


self taught artist said...

in my very humble opinion, it takes balls to make art like this. i dont have them to do it yet...really...this passion piece is stunning and such a mind f#@! for me. its serene and beautiful and sacrilegious all in one. i love it marian! the next piece makes me smile. i love the serility, and to me a feeling of deadness and humor. this is a show i will be sorry to miss. best to you both!

self taught artist said...

sterility not serility

Sheilagh (60 x60) said...

Good Luck with the exhibition I am sure it will be a great success. Wish was nearer, would love to see it.

Becky Vigor said...

Love the 2 pieces you've shown and would love to come and see them all, but am barely travelling across Sheffield atm let alone to a whole other town! I am so impressed with the way you just keep making the work, and that you're living up to the high expectations you have of yourself.