Friday, April 02, 2010


It was my birthday two days ago, I'm a round number now... 44.  ;o)  I became somewhat reflective on the day following an occurrence which I won't bore you with but the reflection is still hanging about.  A good friend of mine recently posted a really personal insight to their art blog and it made me think about the fact that blogs often just show one facet of a person, not the whole, and I think that my blog definitely doesn't reflect much about who I am, professionally, personally, emotionally, the whole nine yards.  Nowadays I seem to fight shy of blogging about anything other than "hey, look what I did...", I don't record my process or thoughts and feelings behind work or hopes and plans or mistakes or work in progress or experiments and playtime or inspiration or lack of it .  The blogs I love to visit have all of that in abundance.  In blog land, I've become very one dimensional and boring, maybe I have in real life too for all I know.  Time for a shake up.  ;o)

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