Friday, April 07, 2006

40 Goals!!

Since I turned 40 a week ago I've been thinking about goals for the coming year. I've made a list of 40 arty goals (as well as another list of personal goals) and I thought I'd post them here so I'm a little bit accountable! They're a mixed bag, some specific, some more loose, but all things I'd love to achieve. I've no idea how many of them I'll succeed in accomplishing but I'm going to give it a damn good try! So, here we go:

1. sell a piece of art
2. produce a zine
3. alter a whole pack of cards
4. make a shrine
5. make and AB for Eleanor
6. learn to solder
7. do The Artist's Way
8. finish Reg AB
9. make Quench AB
10. finish Dashing Away AB
11. submit some art to a magazine
12. make a book from flattened tin cans
13. host a chunky book swap
14. host a mini zine swap
15. write "rules" for my Yahoo group
16. make Artful Zebra rubber stamps
17. make eyes AB
18. visit Tate Modern
19. make four elements decos
20. get to grips with Photoshop
21. visit Leverington Road cemetery
22. start working through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain again
23. learn more about colour
24. produce a zine for children
25. use fabric/stitching in artwork more
26. make artwork for my Etsy shop
27. make bunting for my art room
28. go to Artfest
29. make more unplanned work ie not for swaps and RRs
30. comment on work on blogs of artists that I admire
31. create art in timed slots
32. experiment with techniques more!
33. try shaving foam marbling
34. make my art room the way I want it to be
35. keep a sketch/ideas book
36. use my Polaroid camera
37. make Secret Garden AB
38. make wooden and metal decos
39. make nan and grandad shrine
40. believe in my creative abilities!


Kari said...

Great ideas here Maz and quite a long list - here is to the next 40 years that it will take to get through them all!

Kari x

artfulzebra said...

I bloody hope not!! :-D

Maz x

lalheg said...

Nah - set a timescale eh?!

artfulzebra said...

Yep, before my next birthday!

M x

Joy said...

wow, in one year - that is awesome, makes me think I need to sort myself out, too!

artfulzebra said...

Remains to be seen if I achieve them but I'll have a good go!!

Francesca said...

Go for it Maz! Some great goals there :D

artfulzebra said...

Thanks, Fran! :-)

Jill said...

Blimey - I need a lie down just reading that lot!

Jill said...

Having said that, of course, what a brilliant idea.. I may nab it but I may not (will have a snooze first lol).

I love so many of the goals you have set...inspiring woman that you are.


artfulzebra said...

Bless you, Jill, I don't feel very inspiring much of the time but it's lovely to hear! If one person enjoys something I've made and it gives them a smile then I'm happy too. :-)


M x

primdollie said...

Well 1st Happy Late birthday dear!!! and love all your goals and funny a lot are the same as mine!!!! and I am 10 years ahead of you so guess I best get going!!!! I too have a lot I want to still accomplish!! so good luck to us both!!!! your work is great so you will do well my dear!!