Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I hadn't realised how long it is since I posted anything! I'd been well and truly stuck but my visit to Dundee this week seems to have unbunged me! LOL Yesterday I worked on a canvas in the RR I'm in that's based on a mixed media RR featured in the current issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. I found it surprisingly easy to slap paint over the first players work! Not sure if that's good or not! The canvas was too big for the scanner and I forgot to take a pic before I posted it so nothing to show there! This morning I did a spread in my friend, Skippy's, In the Dark themed AB. Gave it back to her this evening but, again, didn't scan it first! I've made two decos today as well which need a bit more work before going on their way tomorrow or Friday. This evening was book group, we're working on a new art journal RR. :-) I did my cover and some backgrounds. Haven't scanned the cover as I might add something else yet. We had an ATC swap at book group on the theme of undomestic goddess, a very apt theme for some of us, ahem! Anyway, I made five of these simple ATCs this evening. :-) I used lemon juice on a school shirt that is too small for DD and zapped it with my heat gun to try and make it look like I'd burnt it ironing! I tried actually burning it with an iron but I'd still be there now if I'd gone down that route! I toyed with stopping after the word iron but ploughed on regardless!! :-D

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