Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Everyday Book Spread

This morning I finished my dreams/blue piece for the Everyday Book RR I'm participating in. I've been struggling to do any of the stuff that I'm committed to at the moment so I'm really pleased to have done this, hopefully I'll be able to get going on some of my other commitments now too!


lalheg said...

Your use of Meccanorma is so fab!

Why've you been struggling?

artfulzebra said...

Ta muchly! ;-) I do have a rather large pile to work through though! LOL

M x

Jill said...

yay, I love this and its MINE ALL MINE! - I think??? lol
erm what is Meccanorma..sounds a little odd!

artfulzebra said...

Indeed, it is yours, Jill, so I'm chuffed you like it! ;-) Mecanorma is like Letraset, rub on lettering et al.

M x