Wednesday, July 05, 2006


The other two decos I did today were on the themes of Christmas and favourite toys. The Christmas one came a bit hard - not that easy to think wintry thoughts when it's SO hot! LOL I like the slide I did though and it's given me a Christmas card idea...if I remember it! I couldn't really think of a favourite toy but got to thinking about the family games we used to play with my maternal grandparents. We played lots of card games and darts as well as shove ha'penny. I dug out some veneer I got from the scrapstore and found some ha'pennies and the job was done! :-D


lalheg said...

Loooove them!

Jill said...

I want to touch the Christmas one, looks very textual.
The game one is inspired!

artfulzebra said...

Ta muchly! ;-)

M x