Monday, July 10, 2006

Everyday Book Spread

Ahead of schedule for once, this is my spread in the latest round of the Everyday Book RR on my Yahoo group. This time the theme was copper/celebration. I've used good old tomato puree tin to emboss on then copper alcohol ink and black Sharpie, nice and simple! The words are the title of a Mediaeval Baebes song and mean everybody celebrate (I think!). Not a very good scan though!


lalheg said...

Oh yes!

and word verification is at it again - now I have to type UTPIG

Jill said...


Kari said...

Fabulous Maz! I wish I used tomato puree as much as you do, the tins look most useful.

Kari x

Melanie Sage said...

I couldn't find a way to email you back from your reply in my blog. My journals are about 9x12. They are reclaimed books (Back Street Boys! ha!) from the dollar store... I stripped the pages out, recovered, and stitched new pages in. Cheaper than book board and binding is less complicated ;) And, since the books were plentiful, I have a whole set of journals the same size. I use bristol exact index cardstock.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)