Thursday, August 24, 2006


This is my work in my friend, Becky's, very inventive first deco. The "pages" are 12" long pieces of MDF and the theme is Tall Stories. I've used rainbowy foil on my little fishie but the scan doesn't show it very well, it's very sparkly in real life! DH was roped in to fashion the wee hook as he couldn't reach his fishing tackle at the back of the shed for a real one!!


lalheg said...

How fabulous - wouldn't like the postage cost of this one!

artfulzebra said...

No, indeed! Good job we all live nearby!! It was good fun and made a nice change from paper booklets!

Maz x

Alis said...

Great fish Maz. And great hook DH!
Hugs, Alis.

artfulzebra said...

LOL Thanks, Alis. ;o)

Maz x

Kari said...

Oh, this looks FUN!

Kari x

artfulzebra said...

It certainly was! :o) Thanks, Kari.

Maz x