Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And another deco!

This deco's theme is "going postal" and each spread has to include a "beautiful" postage stamp! Not sure this stamp comes under that heading but once I found it I just HAD to use it! I've tried to create a faux metallic background with aluminium foil tape, alcohol inks and black gesso then just added some simple metal objects. Text on the tag is "hallmark".


Jill said...



artfulzebra said...

Ta muchly! :o)

Maz x

Elizabeth said...

What a good idea for using remarkable stamps. The background is so effective. Is black gesso the same texture as white but solidly black?

artfulzebra said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. yes, black gesso is more or less the same texture as white. Give it a go!

Maz x