Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Journal Spreads

I've spent much of today at my friend Becky's place having some arty time together. :o) This is my spread in a travel/holidays themed art journal for the Yahoo group Travelling Journals.

Although I've never been there I chose Australia for my spread. I would love to go there and also to New Zealand one day. This is supposed to be Aboriginal-esque! The spread is upside down in the journal, of course! After I'd stamped Australia in the box with the middle three letters upside down it dawned on me that, for anyone going through the journal the right way up, TRA spells ART! Wish I could claim that I did it with intention but alas I can't! LOL

Another project I'm working on via the Travelling Journals group is a journal swap where players work in a journal for a month and then send their journal to another player for them to keep. This is my favourite spread so far in the journal I'm working in. Annoyingly, the book I've chosen to use, is just a tad too long for my scanner! I love the background I made for this spread so wanted to keep alot of it visible!

Now, onward to arty play time at my friend Skippy's this evening!


Alis said...

you are having a great time and turning out some great art.
I love both of them.

Hugs, Alis

Linda D. said...

Adore them both, Maz. So glad you're having such fun and good to hear that your germs have left you - just hope that your back behaves soon, too.

hugs, Linda.

artfulzebra said...

Thank you both, I'm trying hard to get into th groove of having fun instead of working! LOL

Maz x

maria said...

oohhhh is that my journal? What lovely work - I cant wait to get it back

artfulzebra said...

It is indeed, Maria! It was good fun and such a lovely little journal. I think you'll be pleased when you get it back. ;o)

Maz x