Thursday, October 11, 2007


In the absence of any other artwork I thought I would share some of the stuff I've been doing with my daughter. She has started her GCSEs this year and is doing art. We were discussing it one day and before I knew it I was agreeing to work alongside her doing the same homework and as much of the classwork that I can given that I don't have the classroom resources! First up, in class, she was presented with a copy of the painting, Woodcutter by Kasimir Malevich, see below.

The task was to reproduce all or part of the painting on an A3 spread using oil pastels. This is my finished piece:

It's not something I've done before and despite feeling quite unskilled at using oil pastels once I got going I really enjoyed it! ;o)

We're working on coursework entitled "Figure and Space" this next piece is a 15 minute observational drawing of my husband, not that you'd know it was him! LOL

After this I had to do a 3 minute drawing of him without removing the pencil from the page and also not looking at the what I was doing! Good fun! And that was followed by a 3 minute drawing holding the pencil right at the very top, like a paintbrush. Now I have homework to complete that involves using some previously sourced pictures of figures in movement to draw or paint a piece based on one of them which shows movement. Eek! Still thinking about that one! ;oD

It's all great fun and hopefully is encouraging for both of us. :o) I think I'm going to be tackling all sorts of things that I wouldn't necessarily have tried which is all grist to the prospective artist's mill.


zinkibaru said...

Wow, art GCSE seems a lot more elaborate than when I did it! It's a great idea to work alongside your daughter, you might find that some of the topics and ideas spin you off in all sorts of directions you wouldn't have thought of.

Linda D. said...

I envy you!!! I never had the chance to do anything like this as neither of my children did art for exams and I was forced to drop art at the end of my 3rd year (no idea what year that is called now, but at age 14). Think its really interesting to see and hear what they have to do, perhaps I should go and buy one of those GCSE 'help' books that you sometimes see in the shops, lol!!!

Oh, and I love what you've done by the way - my drawings of people are usually awful, you've done a much better job than I would have been able to!!!

artfulzebra said...

Thank you again. :o) It is turning out to be very interesting stuff and is helping me get a handle on what she is doing at school of course. I was thinking of checking out the art GCSE books at the library later, Linda! She's got me roped into mucic as well now! Composition is the current topic, eeek!

Maz x