Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Symbols Piece

On my Yahoo group we recently had a symbols swap. Each player supplied a list of symbols they use regularly in their artwork and then another player made a piece of artwork in their own style but using someone else's symbols. Does that make sense?? I was working on my piece when FIL died and have been somewhat blocked ever since. I had several attempts at different pieces before finally getting to what would become my actual swap piece! I think I just had a mental block on it because after FIL died I wasn't doing much, if any, art for a good while and when I came back to the piece I just felt completely stymied whenever I looked at it. Fortunately the fog finally lifted yesterday and here it is:

I managed to use seven of the twelve symbols on my partner's list;

greens, golds, going on yellow or brown (brown vintage tablemat, yellow sardine tin lid, hanging trim)
poetry quotes (lines from a Longfellow poem)
rectangles (sardine tin)
chequerboard effect (metal mesh)
triangles (Blakies)
stars (gold stencilled stars on base, metal star on sardine tin)
dots (copper nails)


Elizabeth said...

And it's supremely wonderful and such an inspirational quote. I like the fact it comes from a poem with the first line "Becalmed upon the sea of Thought". When I'm stuck I'll look at your work, Maz, and be invigorated. While they are my symbols I see so much of you and thoughts of your FIL in it, as well as thoughts of my grandfather who was from East Anglia. But the dangly bits are very today and teenage daughters. I am so grateful, Maz.

Jill said...

Stunning work Maz...the way you have incorporated most of Elizabeth's symbols, and in such an original way and media is inspiring.

Kari x said...

Oh, this is fabulous, maz, your work is evolving right in front of my eyes. The art doll you have made is wonderful, too - just as I imagined it would be only better.

Great to see you working on your art again...

artfulzebra said...

Goodness, thank you so much everyone. :o) I had a rubbish day yesterday and your comments have really perked me up. Elizabeth, you were so patient awaiting it's arrival and I'm SO pleased that you like it. I had a lump in my throat when I read your comment. :o)
Thanks everyone!

Maz x