Monday, November 19, 2007

Collagraph Block Printing

So, now my prints from the monoprinting and collagraph block printing course are dry I can share some of them on here. :o)

We started the day by making collagraph blocks with ordinary card by cutting out shapes and gluing to another piece of card. These are my first three blocks:

I used the third block with ink later on in the day which is why it's coloured. The second block was a serendipitous mistake but I so liked it that I carried it through the day on further blocks and prints. ;o) It said fruit/seed pod to me although some of the other girls saw it as a tulip. We used these blocks for "blind embossing" which was putting it through the press with damp paper but no ink. These are some of the resulting prints:

These are two prints from one of the blocks using ink:

We also used Environmount (shiny white surface on both sides with recycled newspaper inbetween) to make blocks. The white surface could be peeled back in varying layers. These are some of the prints from some of my fruit blocks:

I also used Environmount to make a block with four fruits on. I took a couple of prints from it and had intended re-inking with different colours for more prints but the block was so delicious after the first two prints that I've left it as it is! Here it is:

So, that's a bit about the collagraphs. Tomorrow I shall wax lyrical about monoprinting! ;oD


Jill said...

Maz these are gorgeous...I love the "fruits" prints - particularly the last one, the colours so earthy - very lovely indeed :o).
And thanks for talking through the process - I shall give it a go now.

Looking forward to the monoprints yay!

Linda D. said...

Very interesting and informative, Maz, thanks for sharing! I had no idea how to do prints like these but now I do, I may have a try as well!!! Love the results too :>

Linda x

artfulzebra said...

Thanks, guys, it was so much fun! ;o) Definitely give it a go!

Maz x

Becky Vigor said...

These are fantastic Maz. I especially love the 3rd one. I've never tried dry embossing but am so impressed by yours that I'm going to have a go when I'm next in college.

daydreamstudios said...

Thanks for sharing. I kept wondering how this worked.

Shawn Newton said...

very cool stuff. i mostly make block prints myself, but have started getting into collagraphs and monotypes recently. tons of fun.

you can see me at

take care and keep on arting it up!

shawn newton