Thursday, September 25, 2008

Individuality Reclaimed Exhibition

So, after all the studio time, preparations, stress and tears my exhibition finally came together and opened on Tuesday! ;oD

My photographer friend, Rob, came along to the opening bash to take some photos for me so I can relive the evening with you right here! LOL

My very first exhibition! The glass display cases hold 24 pieces of jewellery each. The display stands work really well. Standing in front of each case there is only one piece of jewellery that can't be seen without bending (bottom shelf, back stand) so I was really pleased about that. The boards on the racking were made from mountboard with a woven fabric. They're emulsioned and then grunged up a bit! they were too clinical and clean before that! LOL

Close up of one of the shelves. The display stands are cut down plastic drainpipe and the tops are made from the same mountboard as the display boards. The mounts were hot glued onto the drainpipes. Some pieces needed slots cutting in the mounts and all the pendant displays has a hole drilled in the back of the drainpipe so the chain or cord could be tucked neatly away.

Eleanor and me being silly!


More guests!

Yet more guests!

From the outside looking in!

My thank you gifts, wrapped in French financial newspaper, tied with string and with a hand written tag on each.

I felt it was essential that I was wearing my own jewellery for the exhibition so I made myself this coiled zip pendant and the ring below on the day of the opening!

The moment my husband gave me this circuit board from an energy efficient lightbulb I knew I wanted to turn it into a ring! The added words art, life and sin just amuse me no end! LOL It has attracted alot of comment!

The opening evening was a wonderful occasion, I was so pelased with the turn out and very much appreciated the support and enthusiasm of those who attended. I was even more thrilled to make three sales on the evening! Some of those who came along had no idea what I do so I really hope I was able to express my passion for my artwork. I have always believed in my art but often in the past have let other's negative opinions of it or me drag me down but this week has proved to me that I have nothing to apologise for, just everything to go for! No one can stop me from following my art path, I love what I do! If you haven't already realised, I'm still flying high from Tuesday! LOL Yippeeeeeeeeee!


Linda D. said...

Maz, looks wonderful!!! So wish I could have come :( But SO pleased for you, hope it's a great success.

Oh, and I adore that ring: art, life and sin eh? Brilliant!

Linda D.

Kari Gibson said...

It looks wonderful. I am so glad it is a huge success - I love the wee thank you goody parcels, what a lovely idea.

Well done!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so thrilled for you, Maz. It looks so impressive. Three sales already is pretty good. Are you going to sell on your website? The gifts are just the right touch and your own jewellery wonderful. are any of the guest folk we might "know"?

Your confidence is wonderful and wll justified.

artfulzebra said...

Thanks, guys, your comments are much appreciated. ;o)

Elizabeth, probably the only ANUK folk in the pics you'd know are Becky W (dark hair in ponytail, wearing brown jumper and skirt, 4th & 5th pics) and Kath Nightingale (black jacket, purple top, jeans, 3rd pic).

I will be selling the jewellery but not sure if it'll be on the website or in my Etsy shop.

Maz x

notmassproduced said...

woohoo - well done maz - those little parcels look adorable and the jewellery looks gorgeous.

Alis said...

I am so thrilled that your opening went so well.

You have never had anything to apologise for with your wonderful artwork, but you must have got a wonderful kick out of finding out this way.

I know you will go from strength to strength.

Becky Vigor said...

Maz it looks fantastic. I'm so glad it went so well for you. We seem to be following parallel paths this year in a number of ways and it does me good to see your enthusiasm and determination :)