Friday, November 07, 2008

I have returned!

After something of a gap I'm back to blogging! ;o)

Over the next few days I'll be tinkering with my blog, updating it's look and adding bits and bobs so bear with me if it looks like a building site at any point!

So, what's new I hear you cry? Since I last posted I've been involved with organising a FenVAC exhibition in mid October. We combined forces with another local art group to put on an exhibition of apple and orchard themed artwork as part of the Wisbech Apple Festival celebrations. We spent some time at a local heritage orchard to glean some inspiration and I was rather taken with the rotting apples that had fallen on top of a little rusting shed in the corner of the orchard:

I used a close up of one of the lovely rotting apples as the basis for one of the pieces I made for the the exhibition:

The base is a book that I carved a niche through and then added the photo to. I used acrylic paint and spray ink on the book to make it speckly. I hammered the title into piece of old wooden ruler and attached it with copper nails. The gorgeous green drawer knob was found loitering at the local junk stall and liberated! ;oD


Linda D. said...

Maz, that is a wonderful piece, I'd have never thought to use a rotting apple in my art work. But it works beautifully. And that was quite a find, that knob!!! Must go visit a jumble sale or similar lol.

artfulzebra said...

Thanks, Linda. ;o) I found the beautiful symmetrical patterns of mould really captivating and the thought behind the piece was a kind of finding beauty in unconventional things angle. ;o) Mind you that's pretty much what my work is all about anyway! The knob was indeed a find and, even better, I have three more!

Lara Lorelei said...


I wouldn't have thought of rotting apples as a thing of beauty, so this is a real eye opener!

This is piece is really gorgeous. I'm seeing stitch, french knots on lovely hand painted fabric.

Claire x

artfulzebra said...

Thanks, Claire, and I agree, it would make a lovely subjectfor a textile piece.

Maz x