Saturday, August 22, 2009

Henry Moore

A couple of weeks ago I visited The Henry Moore Foundation at Perry Green in Herts for the second time. I really enjoyed seeing the sculptures again, the backdrop of the grounds they're set in is just lovely, also, touring Moore's house and his studios again were great. I loved discovering about Moore's technique and process last year when we visited and with that knowledge seeing his work again this year was even more enjoyable. I shared some of my photos last year but couldn't resist taking more this time so apologies if I'm repeating myself!

Working Model for Sundial. It was quite a showery day but I liked the different perspective the rain gave the sculptures.

Detail of King and Queen.

Close up of some textural detail on Large Figure in a Shelter.

Large Figure in a Shelter.

Three Piece Sculpture: Vertabrae

Three Piece Sculpture: Vertabrae

Roof detail of Hoglands.


Anonymous said...

Can't believe you can take images like that and then say your not good.

Anonymous said...

nice arts..