Thursday, August 27, 2009


After a few lovely days away I'm back home and catching up on lots of jobs, not least of which is my current studio re-jig. I'd felt for a good while that the space just wasn't working for me in the way I need it to so August became "re-jig the studio month"! I've dispensed with some rather shonky lightweight furniture, which frankly just wasn't man enough for the job, and have put another vintage kitchen larder cupboard in. I tinkered about with the lay out so that I could create a small office space which will be be a great boon I hope. With all the furniture moved about and the lay out settled I started putting stuff back in the studio and that's pretty much still the stage I'm at. It's not moving as fast as I would like but I'm grimly determined to have it sorted by the end of this coming weekend! There, now I've publicly declared myself I'll have to knuckle down and finish it now! ;oD There will be before and after pics when the deed is done but as a little taster....

This is taken from the hallway looking through doorway into the studio. Remember this, it's going to look soooooo different the next time you see this corner!


self taught artist said...

i'm a little claustrophobic just looking at this little mess you've created. look forward to seeing 'after'. congrats on the big change...its gotta be good juju for your creative self.

Becky Vigor said...

How are you getting on with the studio? By your schedule you should be almost done :)

I have been doing mine in small spurts since the beginning of the year. I'm taking the studio in a year approach as opposed to your studio in a month LOL