Sunday, May 16, 2010

Caught on Tape

Heading into a busy week and thought I'd share some images of my progress on my assemblage pieces for the Out Yer Tree outdoor art exhibition at Lickey Hills Country Park.  My studio is slowly disappearing under video tape, tape reels and empty cassettes as I edge towards completion of the dozen hanging pieces!

I'm really enjoying working with the video tape although it can become a bit hard on your hands after a while and a video tape cut is akin to a paper cut, ooooooooouch!  I'm progressing well with the dozen pieces though and only have two to complete in readiness for installation day next weekend. 


The piece is entitled Suspended re:Purpose and comprises the 12 pieces all constructed from used and, in some cases VERY well used, hanging baskets and copious amounts of video tape.  I wanted to explore the idea of intentionally placing a man made material in the natural environment in a constructed form.  The video tape will inevitably deteriorate and "evolve" over time with nature dictating the process.  Once hung the tape creates ever changing fluid forms which reflect the light beautifully.  I have had one hanging in my garden all week and it is a constant source of interest, watching the movement, changing colours and patterns in the light of different times of day is very absorbing.  I love the contrast of seeing what I consider a beautiful object in a lovely setting but it's made from a material that will challenge alot of people's acceptance of artwork made with, to say the least, non traditional art materials!  Like them or loathe them, I hope viewers of this work will find it thought provoking and worthy of discussion.   

I want to continue to explore and experiment with video tape and, excitingly, I have been offered a solo exhibition in a local venue and my thoughts are all leading toward a body of work to exhibit using video tape.  Watch this space!   

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