Sunday, November 14, 2010

Art journaling again

I've played in art journals for a long while now, sometimes it's a daily thing for me, sometimes less frequent.  There was a time when I pretty much always had a journal (and portable art kit) with me wherever I went.  I don't remember when I stopped doing that but it's been floating in and out of my mind recently and I want to recapture the habit.  ;o) 

The only regular art journaling I have indulged in this year has been a 121 project with my lovely friend, Elizabeth.  Elizabeth was a member of my altered art Yahoo group, Alter-NativeUK, and was an active player in many of the group swaps we had on there, happy days!  ;o)  Since the demise of the group Elizabeth and I were in touch pretty infrequently sadly so we decided to embark on the 121 project as a way to keep in touch more regularly and in a way that we both love - art journaling!  It has been a lovely way to stay in contact and be a part of each other's lives and I highly recommend it! 

This week I have reacquainted myself with various art journals in my studio, happily playing about with half started spreads and looking back over previous work, some funny, some factual, some just because and some very emotive.  It has sparked my art journaling enthusiasm and I am planning to dive back in to some regular play in a variety of journals ~ you didn't think I could just have one on the go, did you?!  So, for your viewing pleasure here's a spread in a journal that I used for some trial art journaling workshops with NACRO last year, there are plenty of empty pages begging to be filled still and, like this one, plenty of half started pages.  I added more layers and used Sharpies and chinograph pencil.  The poem is Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou.

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Anonymous said...

Maz, good to see you journaling again. Have fun and enjoy your 121 with Elizabeth :)