Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I'm once again playing catch up on overdue swap commitments after my week away and these are two ATCs for a "getting to know you" swap on the Unlimited Textiles Yahoo group. The deal is to make ATCs that show your style. Since I don't really have a textile style I've plumped for metal, naturally! Not sure what the recipients will make of them especially if they're expecting something in fabric! ;oD The background is a mustard tin that I had knocking about. I chopped it up and sanded it a bit, you know how I can't be doing with bright and shiny! LOL The two lower copper discs on the first ATC are from my experiments with the salt & vinegar crisps technique in Metalcraft Discovery Workshop. I joined the group because I'd like to experiment with using fabric more in my artwork. While I was making these ATCs I was thinking about combining fabric and metal in some pieces, looking forward to a play in that direction!


Alis said...

I think they are fantastic.
Metal and fabric would go together wonderfully wouldn't they. The textures would be fab!

artfulzebra said...

Thanks, Alis. ;o) I'm thinking about a fabric and metal book now! LOL

Maz x