Thursday, December 13, 2007

Altered Book Spreads

I'm gradually working through my outstanding commitments and have finished with two more books in the children's literature altered book round robin I was participating in. There were two groups for this RR and both these books are from the group that I wasn't in. So, firstly, here are my two spreads in Secret Garden:

I thought the first was a little simple and looked like I hadn't applied myself very much so I decided to do another! As I may be the last person to work in it I used the back pages to make a niche for a key. Neither spread turned out how I imagined but, hey ho, isn't that just the way of artful things?! ;oD

And this is my slightly weird spread in Water Babies:

When I read the text about "ten thousand sea anemones covering the rocks" I knew I had to make sea anemones! ;oD The highlighted text just says "ten thousand sea anemones" as I haphazardly painted over part of the sentence! Doh! The anemones are made from plastic carrier bags using a pair of shredding scissors! It was great fun although I was a tad fed up with the static making the plastic stick to me by the time I'd finished! LOL


Jill said...

I love the simplicity of the first spread - it is really wonderful Maz.
The second is fab too - great work.

Now, the sea anemones are just fantastic - and seeing as it is my book I couldn't be more delighted -what a fabulously inventive idea and so true to the original concept of the rr, which was to try and stretch ourselves in terms of the work we did in each others' books. Fantastic, thankyou :o) x

artfulzebra said...

Thanks, Jill. ;o) So pleased you like them! When you open it up you need to fluff them up a tad! LOL

maz x

sharon young said...

Hi Maz
I like the first one very much, I know this story extremely well ,it's long been a family favourite of ours and this page really has the flavour of the derelict garden when the children first find it.

The key at the end of the book is just inspired, very fairy tale :-)

And as for the sea anemones, well they're just MAD LOL

artfulzebra said...

That would be me - Mad Maz! LOL Thanks for your comments. o)