Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Art Journal Spreads

A few more art journal spreads to share, all created, sitting by the open fire with my leg up, from the never ending scrap box by my side!


sharon young said...

Hi Maz
Glad to see you're keeping busy. It's long been a fantasy of mine, to wonder what I'd get up to if I was immobilised for some reason and couldn't do the washing up, washing , cleaning etc. Then one day I was reading while walking downstairs and missed the last 3. I gave myself a nasty sprain, and no, it wasn't a case of doing lots of creative stuff from my chair, it was damned inconvenient!!!
I love the piece you've written on 'now', how very true!!
But my favourite page is the top one, double spread.
Have you been art journaling for a long time? because you're very good at it.

artfulzebra said...

Thanks for your lovely comments, Sharon. ;o) I suppose I've been art journaling on and off for four or five years now. Last year I set myself the challenge of doing an art journal page a day for a while which was really good, the the link to the seperate blog I used is on the right if you want to look.
Inconvenient is definitely what it is having your leg in plaster! LOL Only 19 days to go though! :oD


Becky Vigor said...

Maz I love your journal pages, these and the ones below. Now that is what I aspire to.

artfulzebra said...

Bless you, thanks Becky. ;o) You can do it, just plunge in!

maz x