Sunday, January 13, 2008

Zine Post Script

I thought it would be easier to answer questions from the comments on Elizabeth's zine here rather than in the comments. :o)
It took me a while to work out what Elizabeth meant by "spirograph stamp" and then it dawned on me that it's the stamp I used around the little intro piece on the first page! It appeared on my blog a good while ago when I first made it and it's the impression from the bottom of a plastic pie tray! ;oD I use it loads and it's still a favourite of mine!
The metal bits are rejects that M brought home from work. The joys of having a husband who is an etcher! :oD It's some sort of keyboard job and they always have trouble etching it so I get lots of the ones that don't make the grade!
For the CD I chose just a few of my current favourites on my iPod. I add music all the time, I love broadening my horizons musically and it was great to share some of my eclectic tastes!
I used zebra print for the cover once again (as I did on my one page zine for a recent swap) as I billed them both as "an Artful Zebra Zine" and I think I will do the same for any future zines and I thought a recognisable cover would be a good idea. I may end up changing my mind depending on the zine topic I suppose but that's the idea for the moment!


notmassproduced said...

The Zine is amazing and a great idea for a birthday gift. I love all those numbered little pockets of scrumminess. Thanks for sharing!

primdollie said...

wow you have been a busy girl while i have been missing all your stuff!! the zine is awesome and your pendant is fabulous dear!! Lucky Elizabeth!! and loved the journal pages and great art work!! amazing eye candy dear!!! thanks for sharing and happy I got to see it all!! Hugs Linda