Sunday, January 06, 2008


My lovely friend, Elizabeth, is celebrating her 50th birthday today. ;o) In honour of this auspicious occasion I decided to make her something special and as she loves zines I decided that's just what I'd make her. Now she has received her zine I can share some pics on here. ;o)

I decided the zine should be called 50 Things and would have just that in it - 50 things! It's a combination of facts, artwork, poetry, freebies etc. I wanted to number everything so all the pieces have a stamped number somewhere on them. I had whole page contributions from more lovely friends, Jill, Claire and Skippy which made my job easier! ;oD

So, here we go:

This is the front cover. The title is made from a piece of altered vintage photo. I loved these vintage red photo mounts!

This is the first spread. The glassine envelope contains a wee booklet all about the year of the rooster in Chinese horoscopes. The right hand spread is the back of Jill's page. Because the way I bound it would have obscured the text I had to bind it backwards as it were but I don't think it detracts from the page at all, well, hopefully not anyway!

The front of Jill's page, on the left hand side, has a pocket which is stuffed fit to burst with 50 things for Elizabeth to use in her art. :o) Elizabeth loves poetry so I searched about and found three lovely wintry Haiku to include. This page contains the one spelling mistake I missed, blast!

The right hand page of this spread is the front of Claire's lovely double sided spread.

This is the middle of Claire's spread, all about Twelfth Night. Unfortunately the thread I used to bind the zine covers a little of the text but I tried to position it in the best place so the least text is covered!

The back of Claire's spread on the left. On the right are a set of four seasons ATCs. The numbers are stickers stuck on the plastic envelopes not on the ATCs! The ATCs are printed underneath as well so the originals can be removed.

On the right hand side is Skippy's fab page. The pea soup recipe on the left is removable and underneath it says "In the USA, January is National Soup Month".

The final spread! As I was a bit pushed for space I used the blank portion on the back of Skippy's spread to add things to! No 36 is a fold out piece containing 50 journaling prompts. The rubbing of a fifty pence piece on the right hand page has a real coin over the top when all the freebies are added!

It would have been impossible to scan the zine pages with all the freebies in place so you can see most of them here. The freebies comprise of a vintage birthday postcard, a charitable gift from World Vision, Best Thoughts printable from The Toymaker, red beaded trim, bag of metal pieces, music CD with 25 of my current favourite pieces, 5 pieces of handmade background paper/card, vintage whist score card, vintage poetry booklet, vintage card of buttons, vintage bus tickets, unmounted rubber stamp, printed Morse code alphabet, fifty pence piece and a pendant.

The last item is the pendant I made which hangs on one of those round choker type wires but I couldn't think of a way to attach it to the zine properly as it was an odd shape so I ended up putting it in a suitable wintry themed box (see bottom right of freebie photo) and just putting it with the zine. It's made from a vintage fishing spinner, a vintage fuse and text. Elizabeth sings with a church choir and the line of Longfellow poetry seemed just the right thing when my eyes hit upon it. ;o)

This was my second attempt at a zine after participating in a one page zine swap on The Zine Pool. I think I have a long way to go yet but I've definitely caught the zine making bug! ;oD Both the zines I've made have been steep learning curves for me and I hope any future zines I make will all help to improve my techniques and see me become a much better zinester. Zine making is SO much fun though, I highly recommend having a go! :oD


Lara Lorelei said...

The zine looks so good- thank you very much for organising a special gift for a special friend! her email late yesterday sounded like she relly loved it.
I was re-reading the bits in Kaleidoscope about zines the other day, having subscribed to one recently its definately something I plane to take a better look at when I have more time

claire x

Lara Lorelei said...

PS... I spoted a spelling mistake on mine too! that'll tecah me to use a wacky font Cxx

sharon young said...

Hi Maz
What a truly wonderful present! I loved reading all the pages, I think your friend will be over the moon to receive such a highly personal gift!
As to any spelling mistakes or binding difficulties I think that just makes the piece more personal and unique.
Well done to all who participated in such a great project!

Liisa Mannery said...

Oh my gosh, this is so wonderful. Maz, you seem to have caught the zine bug full blown in one fell swoop! This is so complete and solid and finished-looking...maybe you were just born to make zines. One detail that especially impressed me was the printing of the ATCs on the page so that the cards themselves could be removed. That's a really fine touch. Elizabeth must be thrilled.

Skippy said...

LOL it's brilliant! You worked so hard on it. You are such a fab friend and I think we can guess that Elizabeth liked it just a tad! Everyone's work looks brilliant, I wish I'd thought to add bits but I think that bit of the email must have passed me by. No surprises there then.
Well done hop-a-long!

artfulzebra said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments everyone. ;o) I've heard briefly from Elizabeth and she appears to be pleased to say the least. :oD I'm already planning my next zine! :o)

Maz x

Elizabeth said...

Here I am at last. Last day of my mother's holiday with us!

Thrilled is an understatement for what I am: privileged, amazed, overwhelmed, so proud. The zine is tremendous. I keep looking and seeing more and more. I am so pleased to read the details on your blog, Maz. You have chosen everything so precisely and delightfully. There are so many interesting facts about my birthday, I love the spirograph stamp, the irrigation project, some of the Best Thoughts are so provocative, Jill's spread and 50 bits are so lovely and instantly recognisable (but how can I use the bits and empty that envelope?), the garnet beads, the metal bits are so tactile - please explain them - the haikus made me gasp with pleasure, I've never had a CD made for me, I love your choices, I never knew To a Snowdrop, Claire's spread is gorgeous, Winter behind the tissue (and she did white for her page in my chunky book, a nice link) and I love the font, the vintage bits, especially the Snowdrop buttons, lovely seasons ATCs, lovely Skippy's page which again is so recognisable, the inchies and still more beside.

It's so clever and gorgeous and wonderful and exciting and there's always more to look at. And you didn't mention the zebra print cover which ties in with your first zine as well.

I particularly like "How would it be if you didn't know how old you were? I originally didn't really want to say I was 50 because friends here know I haven't grown up and weren't aware of my advancing years. A friend at choir gave me a 13 birthday card because I'd told him that's how old I would be! Conversely I loved getting 50 cards!

Thank you Maz SO MUCH.

Elizabeth said...

I forgot to mention the wonderful pendant which I plan to wear to the station and the dentist tomorrow. My mother was puzzled at the quote but I said "Longfellow". I so must read him more this year. I've just gone to get my second hand, gilt-edged copy and found I bought it in 1987 and it was a 1904 school prize - from the school to which my children that weren't even imagined in 1987 now go. I have to say I don't think it was much opened by William Gordon Brown. Thank you again, Maz.

Elizabeth said...

I also meant to say I plan to use a prompt a week in my journal. And I love the other quotes.

Becky Vigor said...

Wow Maz, what a labour of love. I can see why Elizabeth is so thrilled with it!

maria said...

Oh this is wonderful - no wonder Elizabeth was so thrilled.