Monday, January 26, 2009

The Art of Love

The exciting news is that my joint exhibition with Rob is all set to open at the end of this week. ;o) We've both worked hard at producing a variety of different work for the exhibit exploring different media and having fun along the way! Rob has been experimenting with a groovy technique using masking tape and acrylic paint to create textural pieces on canvas to go alongside his stunning photographic images.

I have been exploring the world of abstract painting on canvas with bold colours along with assemblage pieces using all manner of everyday discarded objects. I will also be exhibiting some of my assemblage jewellery pieces.

Altogether the work will form an eclectic exhibition which we hope will offer something for everyone! We are having a preview of the exhibition, with soft drinks and nibbles, on Friday, 30th January from 5pm to 7pm. Everyone is welcome so if you're in the area please do come along and say hello! ;o)


notmassproduced said...

good luck - love that top piece - fab

artfulzebra said...

Thanks, Kathryn. ;o) The piano pic is one of Rob's, you can see more on his blog

Maz x