Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sketchbook Pages

On Saturday, FenVAC held an art morning at Chatteris Museum for members to come along and draw, paint, photograph etc the varied exhibits. The curator of the museum, Jenny, is also on the FenVAC committee so we also had access to items which aren't usually on display. ;o) I chose to draw mainly Roman jewellery pieces and these are the pages from my sketchbook:

I had a rummage (in the gentlest sense!) through a box of Roman artefacts which weren't exciting enough to be in the public display cases and found these two pieces of metal. Whilst not the most aesthetic to look at they were very interesting shapes and the colours were subtly gorgeous.

All these pieces were on display in the public exhibits. Again the colours were fantastic especially with the display lighting on them, and the shapes were really interesting to draw.

We were all but done for the morning but I had time to spare so drew this fabulous old key. It was sitting on a glass shelf so had virtually no shadow so I used a bit of artistic licence to bed it down!

It was a really pleasant morning and, speaking as someone whose only drawing pleasures of late have been from battling with trying to draw people at life class, my word, it's much easier to draw an inanimate object! LOL


E-J said...

I have a drawing of that very key in my sketchbook from our SketchCrawl visit back in March 2007 :)

artfulzebra said...

Great minds think alike, Emma-Jane! LOL FenVAC are arranging a series of museum visits n the area so maybe you'll be able to come along to some of them? Would be good to meet you. ;o)

E-J said...

I would love to. Not always easy for me to get the time away, nor to actually get there, but if there is a Saturday planned sometime then I look forward to hearing about it!