Sunday, November 05, 2006

Another sketch!

I went to London this weekend to see a show for a friend's birthday and we stayed over in a hotel. I was lying in bed, wide awake, while my two friends slept peacefully, pondering the painting reflected in the mirror opposite and decided that since I wasn't sleeping I might as well use my time wisely and propped myself up on the pillows and drew the view! Here's the end result! It all went a bit pear shaped as I wrestled with defective perspective and trying to put shadows in but it filled a wee bit of what turned out to be a loooong pretty sleepless night!!


maria said...

What a great idea Maz, you will really develop your drawing skills if you keep challenging yourself to draw different types of thing- also its better than hitting the whisky when you cant get to sleep !!

Kari said...

Great subject Maz - I love the reflected bottles and the draped clothing on the chair.

This is a very complicated subject to tackle and you have done brilliantly - keep on drawing!

Kari x

primdollie said...

Wow have missed a lot of great art pieces and now sketching and all too!! I love it all and am so jealous that you can draw so well!! I can't even write nice!!! goodness!!! wonderful art work and happy I was able to stop by and view it all!!! be back again soon!! hugs Linda

artfulzebra said...

Thanks guys! ;o) Haven't done much drawing this week but I'm at home all day tomorrow so that sketch book will get an airing I hope!

Maz x