Thursday, November 16, 2006

Chunky Book Page

This is my effort for a Christmas recipe themed chunky book. Although my recipe isn't exactly Christmassy, it is one I make for special occasions as it's dead easy and totally delicious. :o) Yellow isn't a colour I work with alot (I had to beg fibres as I have so little yellow stuff!) but I thought it would be nice to use it as a step away from traditional red/green for Christmas. Probably means it'll stick out like a sore thumb but hey, who wants to fit in?? LOL DH brought the metal banana shapes home from work, they're stainless steel though so I used alcohol inks to make them a more bananaesque colour. :o)


Linda said...

Aha!!! So that's why you wanted yellow fibres - yellow isn't a colour I tend to use much either.

But I love this page, even though I don't like bananas ;) Makes me think I should try more yellow too, lol!

artfulzebra said...

Thanks, Linda. ;o) Not sure why I don't work in yellow much, it's not that I dislike it or anything and it's such a happy colour!

maz x

lalheg said...

Love the banana shapes

artfulzebra said...

Goodo because I popped some extras in your parcel for you! :o)

Maz x

Kari said...

I was SO tempted to take part in this chunky, especially as I had the perfect recipe. But I know I would have struggled to meet the deadline. Love your page and glad the mystery of the yellow fibres is now clear.

Oh brilliant work with the minis too - love the one with the penny!


artfulzebra said...

Thanks, Kari. :o) Looking forward to seeing all the recipes everyone else has chosen. If I get it before She's weekend I'll bring it along for show and tell!!I've been thinking of starting an altered book of my favourite/most used recipes as well, much nicer than the current bulging plastic folder I have skulking in my kitchen drawer!

That penny stamp is Becky's, she has a fab set of all the coins that she found on eBay, it's an educational set.

Maz x