Sunday, November 26, 2006


I've made this little shrine/assemblage piece for my friend, Jill, who's moving home tomorrow. She's offline while preparing for the move so I feel safe in posting this pic! The scan isn't very good (I must get to grips with photographing my work instead) as the light has bounced off the back and it doesn't show the verdigris/rust colours very well! Anyway, it's an old madeline tin with a key and rusty washers wired onto it. I do so love working with knackered metal stuff! LOL The wording at the bottom says "I am home" and is stamped on aluminium tape and then blacked up with gesso. I wanted to convey my message with a simple piece and I hope that's just what I've done!


audrey said...

Simply gorgeous.

lalheg said...

Oh, you are so good at these

artfulzebra said...

Thank you both. ;o) Audrey, I love your blog, haven't had a chance to comment but the Christmas slide mailer is great, i love what you've done. :o)

Maz x

Kari said...


Kari x

Jill said...

:D it is gorgeous in real life - moreso than on the pic, I love it to bits and was sooo delighted to open the package..thankyou Maz xxx you are a talented woman you know!

artfulzebra said...

Awwh, thanks again, Jill. ;o) I'm going to try and hold on to that talented tag as one of my resolutions - self belief!!

Maz x