Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Finally got around to doing these house themed ATCs this afternoon, there's four and the only difference between them is the text (courtesy of Longfellow, of course!) in the bottom right corners, "broken stairways" is my fave and here it is:

My to do list has shortened to 22 with this one crossed off! Ho hum....


Lara Lorelei said...

22???? That makes me feel so much better, and makes my list look really really short.

I love the ATC, and like you many of my art words and phrases come out of poetry books- I'm using Tennyson at the moment I also have a book of Shelly's verse somewhere.

Claire xx

artfulzebra said...

I'm below 20 now, Claire, so I'm getting there! Yippee!

I love using poetry to find text, it's amazing how the perfect line pops out you when you flick through, isn't it?

Maz x