Saturday, January 27, 2007


This afternoon DD and I drove over to Peterborough where she was meeting a friend for some girlie shopping time. After a bit of shopping I still had an hour before meeting up with the whippersnapper so I went into Peterborough Cathedral. There was a visiting choir practising for Evensong and it was like an oasis after the retail hell I had been partaking in! I lit a candle for a friend, had a wander and a think and then plonked myself down and did some drawing. This is the first spread in this notebook and the first of many I hope! I even let some blokie look over my shoulder without freaking out and running off shrieking! LOL


Jill said...

You know I really like your drawing style, you are creating real depth and energy. What are you using, is it pen or pencils?
xxx said...

Lovely drawing Maz and what a lovely place to be drawing. There is always something to do if you have a sketchbook in your bag.

Plus I love the decos you have done in the previous post.

kari x

Linda said...

Knowing the cathedral reasonably well, I can appreciate how difficult a challenge this was. A great drawing, and well done for not hiding when someone peered over your shoulder, lol! I really must go out and try some drawing in public places again - just that this time of year, I have a habit of semi-hibernating and not going anywhere ;)

artfulzebra said...

Thanks, guys. ;o)

Linda, don't expect you'll recognise any of it, there was some serious artistic license going on! LOL

Maz x

Elizabeth said...

I am so impressed with your courage as well as your talent. We first visited the cathedral because we'd enjoyed the Barchester Chronicles and we went a lot while my sister was at Cambridge University. But I don't think I've ever shopped in the city!! Am I right in thinking they had a mirror on a trolley so you could look at the ceiling in comfort?

artfulzebra said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. ;o) Not sure I'm courageous though, more like stubborn, I was going to do and no one was going to stand in the way of a determined Arian! LOL

Yes, they do indeed have a mirror to look at the beautiful ceiling.

Maz x