Saturday, January 27, 2007


I've been struggling through some decos this week and these are four of them. I say struggling because I've gone off decos lately for some reason. :o( I think I'm just all deco-ed out for the timebeing, maybe I'll come back to them at some point in the future but for the moment they're not my favourite pastime. I've got three more to finish and then I'll be deco free for a while.

Inked background, stamped embossed violin, text.

Inky paper towel (from Traci Bautista experiments), text, image, foil.

Stamping on monoprint (Traci Bautista again!), alcohol inked backing from number plate number, foil, pen, text.

Encaustic wax background, image, text, ribbon, safety pins.


Jill said...

Blimey Maz...all the different techniques you use - these are fab ;) really loving the first one particularly.
I must try more techniques - gives you so much scope .


Linda said...

Maz, love these, and couldn't agree more with Jill re the different techniques - like her, I really ought to branch out and try to vary what I do.
And yes, I know exactly what you mean re being deco'd out - I feel the same. I have about 5 here to finish too, but am really struggling with them. Must do them this week... *sigh*

artfulzebra said...

Just call me a technique junkie! LOL

One to go, one to go and then I'm deco free! ;oD It's such a drag when you have to try and do something you've lost heart for isn't it? Stick at it, Linda, get them done and out and you'll be free too!!

Maz x