Friday, September 02, 2011

Scottish journal

I was working away from home most of today so didn't make it to the studio until after dinner this evening but then had a very pleasant time finishing some more pages in my overdue 121 art journal and then just spent some time playing about with some stretched video tape creating a sort of freeform brooch which could be mistaken for an unruly bow tie!  ;oD  Pics of that tomorrow!

While I was in the studio I came across my holiday journal from earlier this summer and remembering that I haven't blogged about it and desperate not to post twice in a row sans pictures, here are some edited highlights.... ;o)

On the journey up to our holiday cottage in north east
Scotland we stopped off at Killiecrankie. 
Soldier's Leap is where reputedly, Donald MacBean,
jumped the18ft across the gorge in one leap
fleeing from the Jacobites in 1689.
I always keep a bird list in holiday journals, this year we
saw 60 different species during our fortnight stay.
A bit of Sunday afternoon fun!
Pen & watercolour pine cones

Quick pen sketch of my daughter applying
herself to a crossword.
A page of experiments in different media.
One of the rugs in the cottage got me thinking about tesselation.
Colour experiments with magazine scraps and Neocolors
One of several Haiku poems I wrote.


Sheilagh said...

Fab pages Maz:0) xx Little bit scared

artfulzebra said...

Thanks, She. ;o) You have absolutely nothing to be scared of, you should see all the other dross I neglected to include! lol

Anonymous said...

Superb pages, far more imaginative than my own holiday pages, lol!!!

Elizabeth said...

I am so impressed.

artfulzebra said...

Thanks. ;o) I shall, of course, be bringing a journal to Kari's later this month, I'll save you a space, Elizabeth. ;o)