Sunday, September 04, 2011

Shouldering the work

Due in part to the fact that I've hurt my shoulder and sitting at my desk is a tad painful, studio time today amounted mostly to browsing my book collection, revisiting old favourites, dipping into inspiring books, snaffling an idea here, an idea there.  ;o)  I'm never averse to spending time with books, I love spending time in book shops (new and secondhand) and libraries or ferreting about in the book sections in charity shops or in the boxes of unloved tomes under the tables at car boots.  ;o)  The bookshelves in my studio house mostly technique and inspiring books.  My collection of books about journals and sketchbooks is growing and this evening's choice was Drawing from Life: The Journal as Art by Jennifer New which I can highly recommend.  I'm currently obsessed with art journals/sketchbooks/visual diaries, whichever handle you prefer, I'm obsessed with them!  I love seeing what others use their journals for, how they work in them, what form they take, where they carry them, how often they use them.  I have several ideas for potential journal based projects that I'd like to set in motion in my capacity as artist in residence for Fenland Arts and I think I will use some of my new found studio time to expand my ideas into more cohesive plans.  ;o)   So, full of painkillers and pooped from lack of sleep a gentle, but nevertheless very enjoyable, evening in my studio.  ;o)  And, before I hit the sack, a quick pic of a page in the overdue 121 art journal I've been working in:

I have a necklace sitting on my desk, a blue
bling affair, that I have undefined plans for so
I drew it while waiting for my muse.  ;o)


Anonymous said...

excellent :D

Elizabeth said...

And the pun of March. I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder.

I bought that book, didn't like it, gave it away, heard again it was good, bought it again, still didn't like it, sold it. I do like the grid paper! I love looking through my inspirational books too - I sorted them all out last night.

artfulzebra said...

Thanks, guys. ;o)

Elizabeth, do I feel a mutual inspirational book list page in our 121s coming on? ;o) It's always interesting to hear what does/doesn't inspire folk book wise. ;o)