Friday, September 02, 2011

30 Days of Get Your Art On

The eagle eyed among you will see that I have sprouted a new widget on my sidebar...eyes right...there it is!  ;oD  I've decided to do something about my recent lack of productivity so I'm joining Traci Bunkers, and a host of other folk, on a 30 day odyssey in my studio being creative everyday.  ;o)  Since my solo exhibition in May I've been remarkably unproductive in the studio, I've come to realise over the last couple of years that after finishing a piece of work or a particular project I need a bit of time and space to mooch about before getting back down to business.  The exhibition, my first solo, was a major deal for me and it took alot out of me in a variety of ways but I never thought it would take this loooooooong for me to get back to some serious studio time.  I've also been busy over the summer with projects in my capacity as artist in residence for the  Fenland Arts Association but putting all that aside, it's time to get creatively jiggy again and have some fun studio time!  My self imposed guidelines for the next 30 days (technically 29 since it's now the second day as I type this!) are:
  • to spend a minimum of 30 minutes everyday being creative in my studio (this includes making art (doh!), writing, playing with materials, brainstorming ideas, reading, researching, drawing, art journaling, staring out of the window, drinking coffee... no, maybe strike those last two off... ;oD but you get the picture!)
  • to not get hung up on finished pieces, there doesn't have to be an end result everyday!
  • having said that...I would like to complete 30 new pieces of jewellery over the 30 days!  Hmm, that may be a tall order but I like a challenge and, what the heck, I'm aiming high!  ;oD
  • to blog about said studio activities on a daily basis.
I was going to blog seperately for today (well, as we've established it's now tomorrow so I'm talking about yesterday! lol) but since I'm here anyway... this afternoon I spent some time working on a 121 art journaling project which is somewhat overdue.  My art journaling exploits have been pretty thin on the ground and, at best, sporadic so it felt really good to ease back into some journal ju-ju!  ;o)  So, a low key start and no pics as my camera is being temperamental but I'm off and running so watch this space... ;o)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing the way with this, I've no real aim other than to create each day during September - just what I need to give me a shove, lol!!!!

Anonymous said...

and from me, thanks for the heads up on this one - I credited Linda but she put me straight and credited you lolol's such a great idea to get us all going again.

x Jill

artfulzebra said...

Well, I think it's Traci Bunkers we should be giving the credit to really! ;o) Glad you guys are on board, it's like the old days! lol

Elizabeth said...

That sounds exciting!!