Saturday, December 11, 2010

Advent-urous Artists Day 11

I am posting remotely today as I'm in the great metropolis for the weekend.  ;o)  The last time I was in London I had a brief visit to the Natural History Museum where I took a few photos including the above one in the Earth Hall.  I have to say though that probably my most favourite museum is the Victoria and Albert.  I have spent many happy hours amongst the galleries gleaning inspiration, drawing and just soaking it all up.  ;o)  I particularly like the jewellery galleries but there is so much to enjoy. Museums so often get a bad press... borrrrrrring... but, honestly, even the worst museums I've visited over the years always provide a nugget of inspiration however small.  ;o)

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ostrichart said...

In Search Of Inspiration

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searching the world for inspiration
searching books, music and nature too
a lot of effort gone into it, a lot of concentration
inspiration i think is hard to find

in the songs of birds, in the whistle of the wind
i search for inspiration, even a tiny little bit
when a baby laughed or when a woman grinned
i searched folr inspiration, guess it's harder to find

in the words of shelly, keats and shakespeare too
inspiration i searched and searched, no use
in 'gone with the wind'and 'the sound of music'
movies i searched for a bit of inspiration
without inspiration, what do i write
i wanna fill the pages with the poem that's right
i need to write a poem, i need inspiration
i wanna write a poem. wait a minute! ! , i just did! ! !

Sneha Murali