Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things I'm NOT going to do at life class in 2011!

In my quest to improve my skills as an artist I will continue to go to life class in 2011 but changes are afoot...
    I am not going to say "I can't do this!"
    I am not going to huff and puff and tut when things don't go according to plan

I am not going to say "I can't draw feet/hands/faces"

I am not going to take different papers and not use them because I don't want to spoil them
I am not going to take different media and not use them because I think I will make a hash of it 

I am not going to scribble ideas in my life class books and then forget where they are!

I am also not going to compare myself to the other artists in the class such as Ric and Neil.

Wish me luck!  ;oD


ostrichart said...

Good luck... x

now how about a list of all the things are are going to do at life class?

artfulzebra said...

Well, I am going to focus in class, not always draw the whole pose, slap down my inner critic as soon as she draws breath to speak, use the different papers, play with new media and bloody well have fun! ;oD How's that??

Richard Savage said...

Well, I speak as I find.. I have seen a steady development of your life drawing. I know you have worried about this for a while, but truly I have seen a steady stream of good quality work coming from your drawing pad… the quality is very strong and getting stronger. Life drawing is not easy. I fine each pose a challenge it is striving to do better that drives me on. 2011 will be a good year I feel it in my bones


artfulzebra said...

Thank you, I have to admit that I can see improvement between my early drawings and more recent ones! Definitely need to factor in some more regular practice though. ;o)