Friday, December 24, 2010

Advent-urous Artists Day 24

Day 24 is upon us and our Advent-urous blogathon has drawn to a close.  It's been fun and good practice to post on a daily basis, I am very good at slacking off in the blog department so enforced daily posting has done me alot of good.  ;o)  I am planning to try and keep the momentum and blog on...

This evening Michael Nobbs' Get Your Important Work Done dropped into my Inbox.  In it he talks about looking back at your achievements for 2010 and I have found time inbetween Christmas Eve preparations to have a little think about what I have achieved this year.  I started off thinking "well, it hasn't been a rip roaringly successful year" but one thought led to another and I have something of a list now.  ;o)  I shall be blogging about it in more detail over the Christmas period but I would encourage you all to look back and celebrate your achievements, however big or small.  Big it up, people, we all rock!  ;o) 

Wishing you all a warm and peaceful Christmas!

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