Sunday, December 05, 2010

Advent-urous Artists Day 5

I suppose I will have to relent and acknowledge that Christmas will soon be upon us!  ;o)  Anyone who knows me will know that I loathe the fact that Christmas, and all it's attendant trashy consumerism and gross commercialism, is thrust upon us before the summer has breathed it's last.  Some people seem to labour under the impression that I dislike Christmas which just isn't true, what I dislike is what Christmas has become.  ;o( 
I took the Christmas tree pic above is one I took last year when playing about with a photographic technique that I'm sure Rob would disapprove of!  ;oD  The basic idea is to press the shutter and then quickly throw the camera in the air (just a gentle throw not an Olympic javelin effort!) and catch it.  Hey presto, wacky shot!  ;o)  It was fun and I gleaned some quirky shots!  ;o)

Today, Rob is blogging about a great charity event his daughter is organising and Ric is blogging about what viewers of erotic art consider erotic, please do hop over and have a look.

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ostrichart said...

effective - would like to see this technique some more please... x