Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Advent-urous Artists Day 15

What a thrilling image I hear you cry!  ;oD  Well, a shot of carpet may not be very interesting to the outside world but for me yesterday was a red letter day!  After twenty two years of marriage this is the first time we have bought brand new carpet!  It has been a long time coming and prior to the arrival of said carpet yesterday we have been living with floorboards for what seems like eons!  We are now snug and fluffy underfoot!  ;o)  And Floss is pretty happy about it too...

The carpet laying has led me once again to thoughts of new beginnings, progress, moving forward, there's lots to look forward to in 2011.  ;o)

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ostrichart said...

and on the 15th day of Christmas a CARPET came to me..